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KütahyaDumlupınarUniversity -CartoonandAnimation 2014-2018
KırıkkaleAnatolianFineArtsHighSchool -Picture 2009-2013

Email : ozcanulas06@gmail.com
website : www.artstation.com/ozcanulas

Hello, I am Özcan ULAŞ, I was born at 1995 in Ankara.
I graduated from Kırıkkale Anatolian Fine Arts High School painting department with the talent exam I entered high school and graduated from
Kütahya Dumlupınar University with a pleasant education, experience and discipline for the cartoon animation department I dreamed of.
I had the opportunity to work in the cartoon team at “R Ajans Creative Studio” in Ankara, and then my first professional career started as a modeling specialist in” Sim BT” company in ODTU.
After working steadily as a motion graphic artist at Bogazici Campus training academy for 1 year and 3 months, I paid my homeland debt at the border of Van / Iran and returned to Ankara with great excitement in order to fulfill my military duty.
I started working as a 3D motion graphic artist at Rh Pozitif advertising and film studio within the defense industry.
I personally experienced an emotional separation from my current job because of my insistence on the gaming industry.
As my first adventure in the game industry,
I am happy to be working as a Game Artist at
“Lotus Games”studio since January 2022 with great happiness, mutual love and respect.
Thank you.

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